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UFC Fight Night Picks: UFC on FX 3 – Johnson vs. McCall

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June 8, 2012


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UFC Fight Night Picks: UFC on FX 3 – Johnson vs. McCall
The last time we saw Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall fight, we were robbed of an incredible moment in MMA when these guys came out for a sudden death round. This should be another exciting fight as we see who will

face Joseph Benavidez for the Flyweight championship. We have our picks for the 4 main fights of the card on FX, leave your picks in the comments section.

Bantamweight Bout: Eddie Wineland vs. Scott Jorgensen

Brian: Two really tough guys get in the cage here, and unfortunately for Eddie Wineland, it looks like he’s going to continue his losing streak. Give me Jorgensen by UD.
Brendan: Tough spot for Wineland to be in as he’s facing his third wrestler in Young Guns Jorgensen, and he didn’t show me enough improvement in his last outing with Benavidez to warrant the pick tonight…I’ll take Scott Jorgensen by UD.
Jordan: Wineland has had to fight three tough Bantamweights in a row with Faber, Benavidez and now Scott Jorgensen. Jorgensen was on a role before running losing to Barao in Feb at UFC 143. Both of these guys are tough, but I see Jorgensen being able to take this fight to the ground and grind out a Unanimous Decision
Mark: Both of these fighters have had recent setbacks, but losses to guys like Joseph Benavides and Renan Barao won’t send anyone down the pecking order too far. There’s no question that Wineland will look to keep this fight standing, but Jorgensen is too strong a wrestler. He’ll eventually put the Honey Badger on his back and keep him there. I like Young Guns by Unanimous Decision.

Welterweight Bout: Mike Pyle vs. Josh Neer

Brian: I like Neer in this fight. I think there’s enough spark left in the guy who has over 40 fights to his name. He wants to get back to headlining UFC cards…I don’t know that he will get there, but he wins this fight via TKO in the second.
Brendan: Josh Neer is finding his groove and Pyle will surely look to keep the fight standing, but I think he’s going to get caught by one of The Dentist’s heavy hands and the ground battle ensues. Neer will submit Mike Pyle with a triangle either late 1st or 2nd round.
Jordan: This should be an exciting fight, and Josh Neer is riding a 6-fight win streak. The Dentist finally made it back to the UFC and has been impressive in his last few fights. I have this fight ending in the 2nd with Neer knocking Pyle down and the finishing him with a TKO victory.
Mark: Mike Pyle and Josh Neer are too of the scrappiest fighters around. I liken their styles to brawling with technique sprinkled in. Both are coming off of wins, but I was very impressed with the Dentist and he clearly is riding a ton of momentum in his second stint with the UFC. For that reason, I’ll take Josh Neer via 2nd RD RNC.

Welterweight Bout: Erick Silva vs. Charlie Brenneman

Brian: Erick Silva is going to get a good push from the UFC…especially after he knocks Brenneman down, jumps into side mount and slips on a vicious arm bar. All this in the first.
Brendan: I’m thoroughly impressed with what Silva has shown in his first two UFC fights, and Brenneman is going to be a great test as to whether Silva is the real deal. I have a feeling this fight doesn’t get out of the first, but we will see more than a minute of Eric Silva en route to a TKO victory.
Jordan: Silva has looked great in both of his fights in the UFC and I don’t expect this fight to be any different. Even though Brenneman has some has looked impressive and has some good victories I don’t have him getting pass Silva. Look for Silva to take Brenneman down and pull off a RNC in the 1st round.
Mark: While his last fight looks like a loss, we all saw Erick Silva destroy Carlo Prater back in January, but unfortunately a controversial call ruined his night. Brenneman can’t be counted out because his wrestling is top notch and he can take a punch, but I have a feeling Erick Silva could be on the fast track to title contention at 170 over the next year. I’ll take Silva by 1st RD TKO.

Flyweight Bout: Ian McCall vs. Demetrious Johnson

Brian: Ian McCall made the mistake of thinking he was winning the last fight and he let it get in the way of his ultimate plan of ACTUALLY winning the fight. Uncle Creepy is fast enough, skilled enough, and powerful enough to finish this one and make an exclamation as he steps up to (finally) face Joseph Benavidez for the Inaugural Flyweight Championship. McCall by UD.
Brendan: I liked the first fight and from what we’ve heard in the build-up, it sounds like neither one of these guys really peaked for that one…this is one will not go the same way at all. I have a feeling McCall gets the better of Johnson on the floor when this whirlwind affair makes its way to the mat. I don’t know if he can finish Johnson, as not even BW Champ Dominick Cruz could do so and he had 5 rounds to work with. Give me McCall by SD.
Jordan: In their last fight, McCall was showboating and didn’t go for the finish. He thought he had done enough to at least go to the sudden death round. I picked a sudden death 4th round when they fought last time and I am calling for it again. This will be a highly energetic match and I can’t wait to see it. Give me McCall for the win in sudden death via UD.
Mark: When Mighty Mouse was announced as the winner in their first fight, I thought the judges had blown it. Unfortunately I was right. We did learn though that McCall is able to match Johnson’s speed and can even wrestle at a high level too. This will be another close, action packed match, but I like McCall to pull out the victory here as I see him fighting with a chip on his shoulder. Give me Uncle Creepy by Split Decision.

Submission of the Night

Brian: Erick Silva
Brendan: Josh Neer
Jordan: Erick Silva
Mark: Carlos Eduardo Rocha

Knockout of the Night

Brian: Josh Neer
Brendan: Leonard Garcia
Jordan: Josh Neer
Mark: Erick Silva

Fight of the Night

Brian: Scott Jorgensen vs. Eddie Wineland
Brendan: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall
Jordan: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall
Mark: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall (I can’t believe I’m not picking Leonard Garcia here…)

Overall Rankings

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